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WJD Flooring offers a huge selection of carpet tiles from the world-renowned and industry-leading brand Desso. Since our formation in 2008, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide the best carpet products possible and that is certainly the case with this brand.

Below you can see our extensive range of Desso carpet tiles, which totals almost 800 different designs. So, whatever your project, you are sure to find something that takes your fancy and meets your requirements.

Ideal for multiple applications, Desso flooring and carpet tiles can be used in many commercial properties such as offices, retail stores and banks as well as in educational buildings like schools and universities. Desso carpets have also been used aboard ships and aircraft. Their many and varied uses only highlight their excellence and high quality as a carpet tile product.

Available in numerous patterns, styles and colours, you can be sure to find a product from within the WJD collection of Desso carpet tiles that can perfectly match or complement your current interior décor. We provide unique designs, striped and plain carpet tiles in a multitude of ranges, including:

Desso Airmaster carpet tiles - an eco-friendly design which also promotes the well-being and health of people in the vicinity by retaining up to 4 times more dust than a standard carpet tile. The Desso Airmaster carpet tiles are hugely popular for use in commercial, public and educational environments where heavy footfall is likely. And, thanks to its durable and hardwearing construction, it makes for a worthwhile investment too.

Created using ECONYL yarns for a structured loop pile, the Desso Airmaster carpet tiles come in a wide range of colourways and patterns and are perfect for cleansing interior atmospheres with ease.

Desso Fuse carpet tiles – A popular part of Desso’s Transition collection, the Desso Fuse carpet tiles boast 7 colourways, combining contrasting colours effortlessly for an unusual and unique interior feature. The perfect option for a modern vibe, the Desso Fuse carpet tiles are contemporary, and feature a hand-woven textile finish, are 100% recyclable and boast robust features making them a great choice in busy footfall areas.

Desso Traverse carpet tiles – Featuring a simple, yet stylish diagonal line design, the Desso Traverse carpet tiles are highly sought after, particularly in a business setting as they boast aesthetic appeal and practicality. Available in 15 colourways, you are bound to find a design that fits in with your aesthetic seamlessly for an injection of personality.

Boasting anti-static qualities, and ideal for heavy footfall areas, the Desso Traverse carpet tiles are the perfect choice for those looking to benefit from both functionality and design.

Desso Linon carpet tiles – The Desso Linon carpet tiles are simple and effortlessly stylish. With over 18 colourways to choose from, including both pastels and natural hues, these structured loop carpet tiles are an ideal application for large commercial spaces. You can opt for all one shade, or even combine a few for a more interesting aesthetic, the choice is yours!

With a comfortable, textured design the Desso Linon carpet tiles are a fantastic option for big offices and stylish commercial buildings.

To discuss our selection further, or to talk about any of our other products or floor fitting service, do not hesitate to contact our helpful team by calling us on 01744 885514 or by emailing us at

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