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Gerflor Vinyl Tiles

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Providing a luxury option, Gerflor vinyl tiles are one of the fastest-growing solutions to flooring in the construction flooring market.


Why choose Gerflor vinyl tiles?

Many vinyl tile suppliers are available from WJD Flooring, so you could be forgiven for thinking they were all the same.

With many unique benefits, let’s consider why so many choose Gerflor tiles for their business or healthcare premises.


Using recycled materials

A union between looking good and doing good, Gerflor Mipolam vinyl tiles have increased environmental friendliness as they are a genuinely recycled product.

Not only are their tiles made from recycled end-of-life products, but Gerflor production sites are also ISO14001 certified and offer recycling at the end of the product’s lifespan. As such, they qualify for credits under Green Building Schemes.


Improving air quality

As well as seeking to improve environmental targets, Gerflor is keen to improve the air quality of buildings.

Air pollutant concentration is given in micrograms per cubic meter of air, noted as µg/m3. Incorporating Gerflor vinyl tiles can help create buildings with an indoor air quality of 10µg/m3, well within the TVOC standards good level (between 0.065- 0.22)

This is perfect for buildings concerned with visitor and employee welfare.

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£21.89 Per M2 (incl. VAT)
£26.58 Per M2 (incl. VAT)
£22.68 Per M2 (incl. VAT)
£28.36 Per M2 (incl. VAT)
£17.51 Per M2 (incl. VAT)
£19.89 Per M2 (incl. VAT)
£12.99 Per M2 (incl. VAT)
£13.71 Per M2 (incl. VAT)
£19.89 Per M2 (incl. VAT)

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