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Polyflor Anti Static

At WJD Flooring we have a huge selection of Anti Static Vinyl Flooring from Polyfor, a brand who have been at the forefront of the flooring industry for many, many years. Part of our Polyflor Vinyl Sheets range, this collection has been engineered to be used in areas of your premises or home where static control is need.

Our Polyflor Anti Static Vinyl Flooring range is made up from contract tile floor coverings which have static and electrostatic discharge properties. While the scuff of a chair or a shoe, which causes an electric charge or imbalance, maybe seem like something innocuous it can impact on electrical equipment and components, which in turn can prove dangerous or costly.

It is imperative that if you require flooring tiles that have anti-static properties that you check out our assortment below. With just short of 20 patterned and marbleised Polyflor Anti Static Flooring tile styles available we can guarantee that you will be able to find a design and colour to suit your requirements.

Places which usually use products like Polyflor Anti Static include telecommunication and computer room installations. Hospitals and healthcare facilities like a doctors or dental surgery are other examples of a place where anti static flooring is particularly useful. Normally, the tiles will be fitted in rooms where scans and X-rays are performed.

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