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Gerflor Vinyl Sheets

Following our establishment in 2008, at WJD Flooring we have made it our aim to stock the highest quality vinyl brands around. As part of that pledge we stock Gerflor Vinyl Flooring. Innovative, resilient products, Gerflor Vinyl is amongst our most sought-after ranges and a benefit that applies to the entire collection is that all of it made from eco-friendly, sustainable materials. You can view our extensive selection below.

We stock more than 80 different Gerflor Vinyl Tiles which fit into either the acoustic or non-slip categories. Such is the quality of Gerflor, they have a vast range of applications. Perfect for use in the retail industry, offices, housing and healthcare as well as in education buildings you can also use Gerflor Vinyl Sheets at sports facilities and in transport vehicles.

Thanks to the massive selection of colours, patterns and styles of Gerflor Vinyl Flooring we supply you can rest safe in the knowledge that you will be able to find the perfect vinyl product to suit your needs and requirements. The unique designs of our range ensure there is no doubt you will find the ideal Gerflor Vinyl Sheet.

If you are searching for a vinyl product that is easy to clean and can easily deal with heavy foot traffic then look no further than Gerflor Vinyl. You can learn more about this range by getting in touch with a member of WJD Flooring staff. They will be delighted to answer any queries you have regarding any of our products. You can contact us by calling us on 01744 885514 or by emailing us at info@wjdflooring.co.uk.


Gerfor Vinyl Sheets FAQs

Vinyl tiles are tiles made of vinyl that are designed to be laid individually. Vinyl sheets, however, come in a large roll that can be cut to size, reminiscent of linoleum or carpet.

It may be faster to use vinyl sheeting to cover particularly large or non-standard-shaped areas, as it will reduce the amount of shaping and cutting needed to make the flooring fit into the space.

You are likely to also find that vinyl sheets can be more cost-effective than vinyl tiles, which could be important if you are covering a very large area or multiple spaces.

Vinyl sheets are also available in various designs continuously covering the surface. Laying vinyl sheeting instead of vinyl tiles removes the need to carefully align complex patterns, making installation much less of a headache!

Most non-slip flooring is created by adding a chemical treatment, usually on the top layer of the flooring, which wears off over time.

Gerflor slip-resistant flooring, such as the Tarasafe range, is instead created by deeply installing anti-slip particles, throughout the cross-section of the flooring. This stops the non-slip properties from wearing out and ensures that the flooring will be non-slip for the whole of the product’s life.

Health and safety recommendations advise the use of floors that have appropriate floor slip ratings, denoted by the letter R. To meet standard requirements, flooring should fall within a rating of R10-12. Gerflor’s Tarasafe slip-resistant flooring meets such important health and safety requirements perfectly, providing you with safe, slip-proof flooring.

The Gerflor Tarasafe range is perfect for, but not limited to, the following settings:

• Healthcare

• Education

• Industry

• Housing

• Retirement homes

• Offices

• Restaurants

• Hotels

Gerflor vinyl sheets are perfect for use absolutely anywhere!

Due to their stain and water resistance, vinyl sheets are even suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, cleaning cupboards, and laundry rooms.

There is no gap or seam in the flooring, as there is with tiles, laminate, or wood flooring, so there will be no water ingress through the flooring to the subfloor below, which can cause bowing, warping, and even floor subsidence in the worst cases.

Their increased durability also makes vinyl sheets ideal for high-traffic areas, such as entranceways, exits, and reception areas. No longer will you have to worry about discoloured flooring, Gerflor will ensure busy areas look their best for years to come.

You can also easily construct feature areas using contrasting or complimentary colours to make sections of the floor stand out. This could be to surround separate key areas, create showstopping entranceways, or even display brand colours throughout your building.

The possibilities are endless with Gerflor vinyl sheets.

Gerflor vinyl sheets come in many patterns and colours, to ensure that no matter your building, there is a flooring style that’s suitable for you.

From Taralay Grenade red to Taralay Bordaux purple, Taralay Mimosa yellow to Taralay Kiwi green, there is a high contrast bright for any kind of room.

On the other end of the spectrum is a selection of neutral shades, which allow the décor and furniture to do the talking. This includes speckled Tarasafe dove grey, wood-effect ivory, speckled Calcio, and wood-effect platinum grey, to name a few.

There are also vinyl sheets with patterns, perfect for adding extra detail to a space that may be lacking personality. These include the delicately striped Taralay mink and the curved stripe bearing Taralay Pierre.

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