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Paragon Carpet Tiles

WJD Flooring have a massive range of Paragon Carpet Tiles on offer. Since our establishment a decade ago, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide carpets and flooring solutions from world and industry leading brands to businesses across the region and the wider country – Paragon Carpets are one of those brands.

With almost 250 Paragon Carpet Tiles to choose from, we have a vast selection of contemporary and unique designs, each of which can perfectly compliment or match the current décor of your commercial business property. As well as this, another positive to Paragon styles is that they were produced in the environmentally lowest carbon creating tile factory in the whole of Europe. So not only does this range of carpet tiles look great, they are also eco-friendly.

Paragon Carpets can be used in many different environments such as educational facilities like schools and colleges, retail and leisure environments like high street stores and gyms, and also commercial offices. Hospitals and care homes can also benefit from the installation of Paragon carpets, which following your purchase can be professionally fitted thanks to the WJD floor fitting service. Take a look at our extensive variety of colours, styles and patterns.

If you would to discuss Paragon Carpet Tiles in more detail, then please get in touch with our experienced and helpful team. They will be more than happy to provide you with any information you need and to answer any questions or queries you may have. Contact with us by calling 01744 885514 or by emailing us at info@wjdflooring.co.uk.

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  1. Are Paragon carpet tiles easy to clean?

Many people are often put off the idea of owning Paragon carpet tiles – and carpet tiles in general – as they think that they are a challenge to clean. We are here to tell you that this is simply not the case! Sure, if your flooring spans a long distance then this can seem like a tedious job, but if you keep on top of your carpet once a week, you will not have as much grime and dirt to dispose of.

To clean your carpet well, just simply use a vacuum as you would on any other kind of carpet to make sure you remove every last bit of dirt. Better still, you can remove individual tiles of your Paragon carpets to ensure that each has been given the attention it deserves.

  1. Where are Paragon carpet tiles fitted?

The fantastic quality about Paragon carpets is that they can be placed almost anywhere indoors! It is likely that you have saw this kind of flooring solution in educational facilities such as schools and colleges that are likely to experience high traffic of feet and shoes on a daily basis. These carpets are made with toughness in mind and can easily cope with the strain that they are constantly placed under.

They can also be found in retail and leisure settings that experiences similar amounts of traffic, due to their hardwearing nature. Moreover, the vast number of colours and patterns available means you will easily find a design that suits your building’s décor to a tee.

  1. How many Paragon carpet tiles do I need?

The number of Paragon carpet tiles needed for your building purely depends on its size. We notice that these carpet tiles are usually common place in large scale buildings with a lot of floor space to cover. As a result, we often see large orders for the carpet tile of your choice.

Here at WJD Flooring, we recommend that you always order a few carpet tiles more than are needed, so you always have some back ups handy in case a particular tile gets damaged in any way. To find out how many tiles you need, be sure to check the size of an individual tile in relation to the size of your room overall, so you can always achieve a perfect fit.

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