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Gradus Carpet Tiles

Following our creation a decade ago, here at WJD Flooring we made it our goal to stock and supply the leading carpet and flooring brands and over the years we have grown and grown, and we now stock the industry-renowned Gradus Carpet Tiles.

We provide a range of over 200 Gradus Carpets, each unique in their style and colour. These creative, innovative styles are made from durable, premium, dyed yarns.

By developing a range of carpets through the combination of nylon and high-quality polypropylene, Gradus Carpet Tiles can be suitably applied to a huge selection of different areas and building types. These include environments such as commercial properties, educational facilities like schools or universities as well as hospitals and doctors surgeries.

A benefit to Gradus carpets is that each has exceptional hard-wearing and durability properties and have also been tested for fade resistance, so you can rest assured that your carpet tiles will maintain their colour.

We provide a massive selection of different styles and patterns. Plain or striped we have something to suit every need, even if you require a design which a bit more edgy or bespoke. Whatever type of Gradus Carpet Tiles design you are looking for, we can guarantee there will be something to perfectly complement your building décor.

If you would like to discuss the WJD collection of Gradus Flooring, or our professional floor fitting service, with one of our expert team, please get in touch – we can help with any queries you have. You can get in contact with us by emailing us at info@wjdflooring.co.uk or by calling 01744 885514.

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  1. Where are Gradus carpets fitted?

Gradus Carpets are floor coverings most commonly used in commercial environments where both style and functionality are vital.

Supplying high quality products since 1966, Gradus flooring is among the top choices for commercial decor in the UK’s, and for good reason.

Because they are extremely hard-wearing, these products are ideal for use in areas of relatively high footfall including hospitals and medical centres, schools and universities.

The durability of Gradus Carpets is due in no small part to the combination of nylon and high-quality polypropylene from which they are made. They have also been tested for fade resistance – so wherever you install your tiles, their patterns will remain just as strong and vibrant as the day they were purchased.

The wide range of Gradus Carpet Tile designs makes it easy to find the perfect colour and style to match your existing decor. Whether you prefer subtle and chic or bright and patterned, there are plenty of options to suit your preferences.

  1. Are Gradus Carpet Tiles easy to clean?

Absolutely. However strict the cleaning regime of your office or premises may be, Gradus Carpet Tiles will easily live up to its inherent demands.

For daily cleaning, all you need is a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush or a tub vacuum cleaner with a power head to suck up dry soiling such as debris and dust.

Any trusted carpet stain remover or spot remover can be used to clean food stains.

For areas that require more intense cleaning to achieve perfect hygiene at all times – for example, a workplace that must be disinfected to BSEN 1276 against bacteria such as e-coli, staphylococcus, pseudomonas, MRSA and enterococcus, we recommend spraying on Selgiene Extreme (C500) at a dilution of 1 part product to 40 parts water.

You can also use Selgiene Extreme at 1 part product with 10 parts water to kill Norovirus.

In both cases, the product should be left for five minutes and then rinsed with clean water.

Many Gradus Carpet Tiles can be bleached, but please check with the manufacturer before doing this.

  1. How many Gradus Carpet Tiles do I need?

The number of tiles required depends on the surface area to be covered. Most Gradus Carpet Tiles measure 500mm x 500mm, while their plank options measure 250mm x 1000mm.

Tiles can be cut to size if necessary. To work out how many tiles you require, simply measure the space to be covered and work out its area. If the room is a square, you can do this by simply multiplying its length by its width.

If it is more of a complex shape, divide the space into smaller squares, work out the area of each and then add them together.

As an example, let’s say your floor area is 100 metres2.

First, if your tile measurements are in millimetres, we recommend dividing them by 1000 to convert them to metres. This means that a 500mm x 500mm Gradus Carpet Tile now measures 0.5m x 0.5m.

Now multiply the width by the height (0.5 x 0.5 = 0.25).

To find out how many of these tiles will cover your 100m2 floor area, divide the floor area (100) by the area of a single tile (0.25).

100 ÷ 0.25 = 400. This means you’ll need 400 500mm x 500mm Carpet Tiles.

You can work out the cost of your chosen floor coverings in a much simpler way. Just enter the price per unit of your chosen product and the width and length of the designated area into our superb Cost Calculator and we’ll work it out for you.

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