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Carpet tiles are the ideal finished flooring option for hospitality and commercial, professional, and administrative buildings.

They provide many benefits, including cost-effectiveness, durability, and low-maintenance cleaning, but can also add much-needed personality to corporate spaces.

This is easily achieved with textured or striped carpet tiles, but which carpet tile brand is best?

Read on to find out everything you need to know from the experts at WJD Flooring.


Desso carpet tiles

Acquired by Tarkett in 2015, DESSO has created high-end innovative carpet solutions for over 85 years. Their focus has always been to create healthier living and working spaces through the three pillars of design, functionality, and the circular economy, also referred to as Cradle to Cradle® (C2C) design.

This includes their increased focus on both recycling products at the end of their lives and utilising recycled materials to create their carpet tiles. Examples of this include:

DESSO EcoBase® backing – which is 100% recyclable in-house and contains 75% positively defined recycled content from the drinking water industry.
ECONYL® yarns – over 50% of the DESSO carpet tile range contains ECONYL® yarn, which is crafted from 100% regenerated nylon, including discarded fishing nets and post-consumer yarn waste.

Another arm of the company’s goal is to inspire healthier living through the application of inventive patterns and fresh colour palettes.

Patterned or textured Desso carpet tiles

Below is our favourite selection of Desso carpet tiles that feature interesting patterns or textures.

1.Desso AirMaster collection

The Desso AirMaster comes from a 19-product range of two-toned striped carpet tiles. Choose from a selection of colours, from vivid and bright oranges, greens, and reds to more neutral blacks, blues, purples, and greys.

Customers have the choice between less obvious options, like the DESSO AirMaster grey silver striped carpet tiles, which feature tonal grey stripes. Alternatively, for a bolder look, choose from colours that have lines of thin, contrasting colours running throughout the pile, like the DESSO AirMaster black-red carpet tiles.

2.Desso Verso collection

The Desso Verso carpet tile range indulges in Scandinavian design in contemporary colourways – designed to bring a sense of calm.

With a choice of 12 neutral shades, the tweed-style pattern brings a demure minimalist texture to modern open-plan spaces and can be mixed with other brighter Desso carpet tiles if designers want a pop of colour in specific areas.

3.Desso Jeans collection

For contemporary spaces eager to make an impression, consider the fabric-patterned Desso Jeans collection. Crafted to mimic the world’s most popular textile, bring a sense of character and not-quite familiarity in one fell swoop.

With three shades and colour options to choose from, all you need to do is decide which you prefer!

4.Desso Grain range

Looking for a carpet tile option with subtle movement? Consider Desso’s Grain range. With softened edges, the high/low pile structure also gives exceptional under-foot comfort.

Choose from 11 colour options, from neutral browns and greys to charismatic and confident yellows, reds, and even a grass green!

5.Desso Stratos Blocks collection

One of the most popular ranges, the Desso Stratos collection features bold, repeated blocks that can be laid imaginatively to bring personality and originality to professional or hospitality spaces.

Choose from black, grey, and brown-toned blocks and add confident design features wherever you need them.

6.Desso Curved range

The Desso Curved collection gives increased texture to finished flooring, ideal for creating interest in corporate or hospitality settings.

Still as easy to clean and maintain, choose from 10 neutral shades – ideal for mixing with other Desso carpet tiles.

Paragon Logo 640x640

Paragon carpet tiles
Established in 1997, Paragon continues to be a market leader in the UK and internationally and thanks to its focus on manufacturing quality, creativity, and a focus on upholding environmental credentials, remains popular to this day.

Paragon carpet tiles are proud to manufacture in one of the lowest-emission carpet tile manufacturing sites in Europe. The plant is filled with environmentally friendly fixtures, systems, and processes, all designed and implemented to reduce their environmental impact – making them an A-rated BREEAM manufacturer.

Carpet tiles from Paragon are increasingly environmentally friendly as they are:

80% of Paragon carpet tiles are made from recycled material.
Recycled backing – All latex pre-backing and Envirobase backing contains at least 75% recycled materials respectively.
Using ECONYL® yarns – some of the biggest Paragon carpet tile ranges contain ECONYL® yarn, which is crafted from 100% regenerated nylon, including discarded fishing nets and post-consumer yarn waste.

Paragon provides inspiring, modern flooring solutions to transform spaces with an almost infinite variety of colour combinations, textures, and patterns.

Patterned or textured Paragon carpet tiles
Below is our favourite selection of Paragon carpet tiles that feature interesting patterns or textures.

1.Paragon Codec range

The Paragon Codec collection brings distinctive bright colours in a dark linear striped pattern, giving major bang for your buck.

Available in 6 bold colour combinations, including pinky-purple, red-orange, blue, green, and two less daring grey options.

2.Paragon Strobe collection

Paragon’s Strobe range gives a one-of-a-kind design, with highlights of accent colours running through a striped pile, on a deep grey background.

With 8 daring combinations, will you opt for the brighter yellow, oranges, or blues, or the more subdued copper blaze, sparking pinks, or plasma grey?

3.Paragon Workspace Linear range

The longest-standing design, Paragon’s Workspace Linear collection gives a striking repeating linear flooring option for rooms of all kinds, ideal for adding eye-catching detail or for covering transitional spaces like corridors or stairs.

15 colour options include neutrals like browns, greys, and black, or more arresting blues and ochres.

4.Paragon Macaw Stripe collection

The range of striped loop pile carpet tiles from the Paragon Macaw Stripe range was designed to add a striped sister option to the plainer Macaw collection. Thanks to its universal, subtle striping, however, this collection is incredibly versatile and more delicate.

Choose from 5 darker neutral colour options, including jet black, dark lime green, sapphire blue, and quartz grey.

5.Paragon Sirocco Stripe range

Like the Macaw Stripe, Paragon’s Sirocco Stripe collection was designed to be mixed and matched with Paragon’s sister Sirocco range. With subtle striping and coordinating, low-impact colours, customers with corporate environments in mind will be pleased.

You can select from 5 unobtrusive candy-named colours, including liquorice, spearmint, blue candy, bubble gum, and humbug.

Contact WJD Flooring for striped and patterned carpet tiles

With over 15 years of experience providing charismatic and characterful carpet tiles for corporate, hospitality and commercial premises – we have the experience needed to recommend long-lasting and impactful carpeting.

To discuss which carpet tile would work best for your project, or for further personalised recommendations, you can call us to speak to someone in person or email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Apr 16, 2024 By Samantha Thompson