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Flooring is a vital part of any building, so a decision on which type is normally made carefully and with plenty of thought. It needs to be sturdy to ensure that it will not be damaged, and a reliable solution that will last for many years to come. All of this while looking the part and not being out of place in your building. There are many flooring solutions that could be suitable for you, but carpet is undoubtedly the most versatile. We here at WJD Flooring are on hand to tell you more…

Suit the look of any facility

What attracts many potential customers to Desso carpet tiles is their ability to adapt to the creativity of their surroundings. They are available in an array of colours, patterns, and designs meaning that they can be a perfect fit in almost any environment! With this in mind, we are sure that you will find a style of carpet tile that will suit your setting perfectly. Whether it be a grey, blue, red, or orange tile, browse through our selection to find your perfect design.

Thanks to their imaginative and creative nature, they’re a particularly popular option for educational builds, such as schools. Here their colour is used to keep pupils engaged and inspired to learn.

Smoother than other surfaces

As well as looking stylish in many corporate and professional buildings, Desso carpets also serve an important purpose from a safety standpoint. A carpet is less hard than a wooden surface for example. If you were to slip or trip, it won’t be like landing on a bed of roses, but you are less likely to cause bruising and injury.

As the owner of a building the safety of the people inside should always be the number one priority, so be sure to take this into consideration when deciding between carpet tile flooring or any other surface.

Easy to maintain and replace

Everyone strives for flooring that is easy to clean and maintain, right? After all, this is an important aspect to consider when looking for flooring that you know will inevitably gather dirt and litter quickly in a busy area. You will be glad to know that Desso carpet tiles from WJD Flooring are easy to clean by simply vacuuming the area.

This will prevent wasting time on your hands and knees, attempting to scrub dirt that is lost deep in the surface. Carpet tiles are convenient as they can be replaced easily if they are damaged to a significant level. All that is needed is to take out one or two tiles and replace them as opposed to dragging up the whole carpet, saving you plenty of time and money!

Contact us

So, do you like the sound of Desso carpet tiles after reading this blog post? If so, be sure to browse through our full range of patterns to find one that suits you. If you have any enquires about our products then please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you! Simply fill out our online enquiry form or send us an email at You can also get in touch with our nationwide delivery service directly by calling 01744 885514 to be put through to one of our friendly and helpful team.

Apr 15, 2024 By Samantha Thompson