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Vinyl flooring is a practical and versatile option that has been around for several years. Available in sheets, planks, and luxury vinyl tile (LVT), it’s guaranteed to give your home the perfect look without breaking the bank.

Here WJD Flooring looks at what makes vinyl flooring a viable option and the benefits of installing it in your home.

5 great reasons to choose vinyl flooring

1. It’s gorgeous

Vinyl provides comfort like no other hard floor material. You’d be surprised how many striking and unusual patterns, colours, and textures you can get too!

From simulated stone to tile and wood grain patterns in various hues, we’re confident you’ll find a design on our website that fits your personal style requirements. Why not take a look at our collection of vinyl flooring today?

2. It’s budget-friendly

Vinyl is one of the most affordable flooring types currently on the market.

With vinyl flooring, you can achieve the look you want for a fraction of the price. Plus, if you’re a dab hand at DIY, it’ll be a doddle to install, allowing you to save on professional installation!

Much like anything else, the cost of vinyl floors can vary depending on the thickness, brand, and chosen pattern – but we guarantee some of the most competitive prices here at WJD Flooring.

3. It’s durable and resilient

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of vinyl flooring is its impressive durability. It can stand up to heavy foot traffic and, at the same time, reduce the transmission of sound. This makes it an excellent choice for busy households with pets and/or children.

Vinyl is resistant to water, mildew, and stains – making it ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and virtually any other room in the house!

4. It’s low maintenance

To ensure your vinyl flooring retains its good looks, sweep and mop it occasionally to remove any dust, hair, or loose dirt.

You can either use a dry mop, vacuum, or soft brush before going over it with a wet mop and cleaning solution.

The fact that most vinyl floors have a resilient protective coating to protect them against dirt and stains can be a real boon. Spillages and splashes wipe up easily, meaning your flooring will look fantastic for years to come.

5. It’s easy to install

Gone are the days where your only option is to use large, cumbersome sheets and rolls. Vinyl is more DIY friendly than ever before, thanks to vinyl tiles.

These tiles have plastic backs that peel off to reveal adhesive that can be pressed into place. Arguably the best thing about these is, if one is scratched or stained, you can remove it and swap it for a new one without having to redo the entire floor.

Want to upgrade to vinyl flooring ?

Great – check out the extensive range of vinyl flooring we stock online here at WJD Flooring.

We supply products from big names, such as Forbo, Gerflor, Polyflor, Tarkett, and Altro, and offer nationwide delivery.

Once you’ve found your ideal vinyl flooring, double-check your measurements to work out how much of the product you require. Then, adjust the quantity accordingly, click ‘add to basket’, and proceed to the checkout. It’s as simple as that.

For more information about the products we sell at WJD Flooring, get in touch with our specialists. Always on hand to help, we would love to hear from you.

Either give us a call on 01744 885 514 or email, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Apr 16, 2024 By Samantha Thompson