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Vinyl flooring has remained a popular option for domestic and non-domestic properties alike.

Available in sheets, planks, or tiles, vinyl is budget-friendly, durable, low maintenance, and relatively easy to install.

Some locations, however, need the extra security of non-slip flooring – so, is non-slip vinyl flooring the product for you?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about non-slip vinyl flooring.

What is non-slip vinyl flooring?

Non-slip flooring is generally manufactured in a couple of ways to give a slip-free finish.

It can either be inlaid with specific crystal particles which roughen the vinyl throughout the depth of the product, or the surface is textured, to help shoes and feet grip – it all depends on the brand and their manufacturing style.

Non-slip flooring that features embedded crystals tends to be slightly more expensive, but the non-slip protection lasts for the lifetime of the vinyl because the crystals are found throughout the product. Vinyl with a textured surface can be less hardwearing because the textured surface can wear away with heavy use – making it unsuitable for some settings.

So, what are the pros and cons of non-slip vinyl flooring?

Pro 1 – Versatility

Where can non-slip vinyl flooring be used?
Non-slip vinyl flooring is a popular alternative to most other finish floorings in locations of heavy traffic where slip-resistance, durability, and hygienic conditions are essential.

It is durable and incredibly versatile, allowing locations to use one type of vinyl flooring throughout whole buildings, building cohesion and if needed, brand identity.

Suitable locations include:

Kitchens and dining rooms
Changing rooms, sports halls, and gyms
Corridors and entranceways
Bathrooms and wet rooms
Communal spaces and multi-use spaces
Classroom floors
Industrial units

Pro 2 – Durability

Will non-slip flooring last?
Non-slip vinyl flooring, just like traditional vinyl flooring, is incredibly durable. Most non-slip vinyl flooring is expected to last for a minimum of 10-20 years, which can be increased with proper care and maintenance.

It can stand up to foot traffic, is resistant to water, mildew, and stains, and is incredibly easy to clean – making it long-lasting in almost any location.

Pro 3 – Choice

Which colour of non-slip flooring is best for me?
Customers who haven’t yet used non-slip vinyl sometimes assume that their options will be dull and corporate.

Reassuringly, however, large vinyl flooring manufacturers understand that safe flooring doesn’t have to be dull and now offer a huge range of colours, from the quiet to the loud.

Some manufacturers also produce ranges of patterned non-slip vinyl flooring, including those that mimic tiles and wooden floors. So, if you love the look of tiles or wooden floors but not the price tag that often accompanies these finish flooring types, consider non-slip vinyl!

Browse our selection of non-slip vinyl flooring here.

Con 1 – Water damage

Can non-slip flooring be used in environments that are always wet?
Although non-slip vinyl flooring can be used in environments that can get wet, continually wet locations such as pool sides can shorten the life of some vinyl flooring, especially around sealed edges.

To counteract this, ensure the vinyl that you purchase, and install is water-resistant enough for the location you want to install it, otherwise, you may find it needs replacing much sooner than expected.

Con 2 – Irreparable

Can non-slip flooring be repaired?

Unlike tiles and wooden floors, non-slip vinyl cannot be repaired if small patches become damaged over time.

This means that whether the vinyl simply needs refinishing, or the entire floor is damaged, it will all need to be replaced.

To get around this, most manufacturers now ensure that their non-slip vinyl flooring is very durable and will last for many decades if cared for properly – vastly improving its life expectancy.

Looking for non-slip vinyl flooring for your property?

WJD Flooring Ltd has supplied non-slip vinyl flooring from leading manufacturers including Gerflor, Polyflor, and Forbo among others, for over 15 years.

No matter your requirements, contact our friendly, helpful team today who will use their product knowledge and experience to find the right non-slip flooring for you.

You can call us to speak to someone in person or email us and someone will get back to you as soon as they can.

Apr 16, 2024 By Samantha Thompson