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3507 – that’s the number of days the average person spends in work during their lifetime.

Yes, you read that right.

With such a huge amount of time spent in the office, at WJD Flooring we believe it makes sense to invest in how your space looks, and today we want to share how and why you can go about doing it.

Why should you invest in your flooring?

Numerous studies have led to more emphasis now being placed on improving the work environment., Everything from the way your office is laid out to the colours used, can have a direct impact on staff morale, motivation and productivity.

But why flooring? If you consider that the biggest percentage of your office is taken up by flooring, it seems a no brainer. Despite how significant flooring is, it is often overlooked – by simply implementing luxury carpet tiles you could really transform an otherwise cold, and uninviting workspace into somewhere enjoyable to be.

What are the benefits of carpet for the office?

It may not seem it but putting carpet down in your office can not only make a dramatic impact on the way your space looks, but it can also have a direct effect on how your staff feel about being there.

Having good quality commercial carpet tiles offers the following benefits:

Easy to clean surfaces, reducing the chances of germs and bacteria thriving and improving employee health

A durable option ideal for high traffic offices

Areas can be replaced quickly, without the need to replace the entire carpet
You can really get creative with carpet tiles, offering endless colours and designs
Soundproofing qualities, allowing for better acoustics and a less noisy space to work in
3 luxurious carpet tiles will change the face of your office space
As one of the top flooring contractors in the North West, we are confident that we’ll have a carpet tile perfect for you. And, when it comes to picking a luxury carpet tile, we’re certain your office will be transformed with one of these 3 leading floor specialists:

JHS Triumph Stripe:

One of the UK’s most esteemed carpet producers with over 50 years in the industry, when it comes to luxury you can’t get better than JHS Carpets!
JHS Triumph Stripe is a heavy duty 100% solution dyed nylon – ideal for busy office spaces
Available in a choice of 6 colourways

Perfect for creating a luxury feel without compromising on the long-lasting wear required in a high traffic environment
Desso Arcade:

Desso carpet tiles are renowned for being one of the most luxurious ranges on the market

Manufactured in Holland, the Desso Arcade carpet tiles are durable and strong without taking away from the feeling of total luxury under your feet
The Desso Arcade range is particularly luxurious, with a voluminous cut pile structure that is soft, rich and super strong too

Get the feeling of home in the office, with a choice of colourways and designs offering the ultimate in flexible décor
InterfaceFLOR Transformation:

The Interface commercial carpet range is vast and offers a range of luxury, practicality and style. By far one of the most effective for the office is the InterfaceFLOR Transformation carpet range, designed to bring ‘the random beauty of nature into your space’.

Using a highly textured patterned loop pile, you can achieve a unique yet luxury looking office space in no time

Made from solution dyed nylon, containing pre-consumer recycled content, the InterfaceFLOR Transformation are a great choice for the eco-friendly business, and your staff will thank you too!

Available in a range of 36 designs

Tips on installing carpet tiles in your office
Low pile carpet can help you move about on a roller chair with ease
Using strategically placed mats will help maintain carpets in areas of concentrated wear

Small office space? Fitting a thick pile carpet in a neutral colour can help brighten up the room, making it appear more spacious and generally more comfortable to work in.

Whatever colour or design you opt for; ensure you keep your theme consistent throughout your office in order to create an attractive and coordinated space that promotes productivity

Don’t have the time? Contact us – our team of specialist flooring contractors can not only guide you on the best carpet for you – but we can also fit it too!
Contact us to add a little luxury to your workplace

If you want to improve the way your office looks and feels, adding luxury carpet tiles is an easy way to go about it – the tricky part is choosing from such a vast selection! With over 10 years in the industry, we are confident we can help.

We offer a personal service to each of our customers, and would love to discuss your requirements – so why not get in touch with us on 01744 885514 or alternatively email us at

Apr 15, 2024 By Samantha Thompson