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Paragon carpet tiles have been a staple in non-residential buildings of all types for decades.

Whether you need to carpet an office, leisure space, school, or heavy-duty commercial areas including computer rooms and call centres, the market leader’s high-quality flooring combines creativity and functionality for a long-lasting carpet tile.

But why does everyone prefer Paragon carpet tiles when renovating their space? Read on to find out today.

Paragon tiles have a huge range of colour and pattern choices

Paragon carpet tiles come in a vast array of colours and patterns, which provides the consumer with the ultimate choice.

WJD Flooring Limited over a wide selection of over 160 varieties of carpet tile, each featuring an individual colour palette and pattern option.

For those looking for flooring with personality, you could consider a tile from Paragon’s Codec range. Vibrantly coloured with a dark linear striped pattern throughout, you can select from bright and cheerful primary and secondary colours including orange, pink, green, or blue.

For those looking for more sedate flooring options, any tile from the Paragon Diversity range would fit the bill. This range features a selection of subtle colours for a more corporate feel. As well as being contemporary in style, the Paragon Diversity range is the most hardwearing choice in the Paragon carpet tile collection.

With a built-in flammability rating and the ability to withstand even castor chairs, the Diversity range is ideal for areas that need a resilient flooring option.

Made from solution-dyed nylon, all Paragon carpet tiles are extremely colourfast, and fade-resistant- meaning they will look good for years to come.

Paragon carpet tiles are designed to mix and match

Paragon carpet tiles are manufactured in a way that means contrasting or complementary carpet tiles can be cut and laid, fitting together.

This ease of use allows for break-out spaces or design elements to be laid into the flooring, giving a large open space several, multi-use sections or creating an eye-catching detail for reception areas or conference rooms.

Any shape can be cut into Paragon carpet tiles, using only a fixed-blade utility knife and a guide, allowing customers ultimate freedom when choosing their new flooring.

Paragon tiles are heavy duty

Paragon holds an A-rated BREEAM rating for a host of products, providing assurance on performance, quality, and asset value.

Nylon carpets are renowned for being incredibly hardwearing, particularly in their ability to bounce back from compaction, removing indentation build-up from foot traffic and furniture.

Similarly, Paragon carpet tiles feature superior anti-stain properties, making them great for busy environments. This is down to their manufacturing process, as solution-dyed nylon is dyed during manufacture, making carpet fibres more resistant to absorbing stains from spills.

This is especially important in locations such as schools, where spillages are commonplace and maintenance needs are required to be low.

Paragon tiles feature anti-static properties

Unlike other nylon carpets, Paragon carpet tiles feature anti-static properties.

Not only does this save you money, as you normally need to pay extra for anti-static coatings, but it increases the number of locations you can utilise anti-static carpet tiles.

Often needed by hospitals, laboratories, manufacturing facilities, or offices, low-static carpet options are always in demand because excess static can lead to contamination and damage, which can have major health and financial implications.

For example, in settings with specialised electronic items, static shocks can damage equipment, and it can be flammable if around oxygen canisters.

Paragon tiles have excellent environmental credentials

Paragon carpet tiles are proud to manufacture in one of the lowest-emission carpet tile manufacturing sites in Europe, filled with environmentally friendly fixtures, systems, and processes, all designed and implemented to reduce their environmental impact.

Each carpet tile is made from 80% recycled materials and features an Envirobase backing that is made from 75% recycled materials, removing concerns regarding the environmental impact of backing materials.

Contact WJD Flooring Ltd for Paragon carpet tiles

Proud suppliers of Paragon carpet tiles, WJD Flooring Ltd offer a wide selection of nylon carpet tiles with over 160 colour and pattern varieties.

You can browse our Paragon range and enjoy free delivery on orders over £225. Alternatively, if you have any questions you can call or email us and we’ll get back to you as soon

Apr 16, 2024 By Samantha Thompson