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Fitting new floors and need F Ball screed?

Whether it be carpet, laminate, tiles or vinyl, you need to ensure that the subfloor is smooth before you can lay your chosen floor covering. This is why many professional fitters will recommend that you have your floor screeded.

Floor screed is a mixture of sand and cement that’s poured over the top of subfloors to remove impurities and provide more tolerance for sensitive floor finishes. It can also be used when installing underfloor heating (UFH) systems, ensuring that heat is distributed evenly throughout the room – eliminating hot and cold spots.

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The best floor levelling and smoothing compounds

As specialist flooring contractors, WJD Flooring stocks only the best floor preparation products from leading manufacturers, including F Ball screed.

These high-performance smoothing compounds are an excellent choice for light to heavy-duty applications. They have excellent self-levelling properties and can be used to upgrade and renovate existing internal floors within commercial and industrial settings.

F Ball screed uses the latest in cement technology to achieve rapid setting and drying times, meaning final floor finishes can be applied and site traffic resumed sooner.

It’s worth noting that certain F Ball screeds can be used where floor coverings are not strictly required too. For example, STOPGAP 800 can be applied in store cupboards, workshops, corridors and warehouses and left bare – providing you with a smooth, grey floor finish.


Purchase F Ball screed today

F Ball screed is one of the most reliable accessories you can buy in preparation for flooring installations. And the best bit is, it’s available to buy for a fantastically low price here at WJD Flooring!

As with all the products we supply, F Ball screed can be delivered to your preferred address within a couple of days – meaning you won’t have to wait too long to start your project.

If you have any questions about the F Ball floor levelling products on offer, or want more tips on how to achieve the best results from floor screeding, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our specialists on 01744 88 55 14. We’re always on hand and ready to take your call.

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    Fball Stopgap 800 25kg Bag and Bottle Self Levelling Screed

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