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Polyflor Vinyl Sheets

Polyflor have an illustrious history and have been manufacturing flooring products in the UK since 1915 and following the inception of WJD Flooring a decade ago we have striven to include the most firmly established and popular brands as part of our range. Polyflor Vinyl Tiles perfectly fit the bill.

The Polyflor Vinyl Flooring selection we have available to purchase online is huge. We have more than 300 different vinyl types for sale from Polyflor which fit into either the acoustic, anti-static or non-slip brackets. Each design is completely different from the next as this extensive collection comes in a massive variety of patterns, colours and styles.

Perfect for use in a multitude of applications, Polyflor Vinyl Tiles are ideal for installation in healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities as well as in educational, office and commercial buildings along with retail and leisure spaces. Polyflor Vinyl Flooring can even be fitted in the home and still look great!

To learn more information about Polyflor Vinyl then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced WJD Flooring staff. Our expert team can help answer any questions you have about Polyflor or any of our extensive collection of flooring products. You get in contact with us by calling 01744 885514 or by emailing info@wjdflooring.co.uk.

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