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Heckmondwike Carpet Tiles

WJD Flooring provide a vast collection of Heckmondwike Carpet Tiles. Following our establishment, we have taken it upon ourselves to stock and supply the industry’s premier manufacturers. Amongst these exceptional brands is Heckmondwike, who have been producing carpets and flooring for more than 60 years.

Our range of Heckmondwike carpets includes more than 60 different carpet styles, available in a variety of colours and patterns. Whether you require spotted, striped, plain or even a more unique, bespoke design for your carpet then look no further than this excellent selection from WJD.

Heckmondwike Carpet Tiles are made from eco-friendly materials, so not only do they look great, they also have a positive environmental impact. As well as this, they also have the benefit of being made with anti-fray and anti-ravel fibres so you can rest assured that your new carpet will have a very lengthy lifespan.

These durable, hard-wearing Heckmondwike Flooring Tiles are commonly used in the educational sector and other areas such as care and medical environments, commercial office buildings and retail premises. Our extensive selection ensures there will be a carpet or flooring solution that can perfectly meet your requirements.

To find out more about the Heckmondwike Carpet Tiles we have on offer at WJD please get in touch with us to discuss the matter further. Contact us via email at info@wjdflooring.co.uk or give us a call on 01744 885514. Our helpful, knowledgeable team can answer any questions you have and can also discuss our floor fitting service.

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  1. Can I fit Heckmondwike carpet tiles anywhere?

Heckmondwike carpet tiles are designed with durability in mind, meaning that they can be used anywhere in which a carpet is necessary or preferred. They are a great option of flooring that fit perfectly in any kind of commercial building. If you are an educational building that needs a hard wearing flooring solution that can easily deal with the wear and tear of many dirty shoes, then look no further than the Heckmondwike flooring tiles from WJD Flooring!

They are also a perfect fit in office spaces and retail outlets, that are likely to face a lot of traffic throughout the day. The extensive range of colours that we offer is a great way of making this kind of flooring fit for everyone. If you want your flooring to fit a certain colour scheme, then we are sure that we have the right shade for you. Come and see for yourself now!

  1. Are Heckmondwike carpet tiles easy to clean?

In order to keep on top of the condition of your carpet tiles, you will want to clean them regularly. The more you clean your Heckmondwike carpets, the less dirt and grime that is going to be ingrained into the surface, making it harder to clean long term. A simple vacuum should help you get any small scale litter and dirt from your carpet tiles effectively, leaving them looking as good as new.

Once you have gone over the surface with a simple vacuum, you then may need to take a closer look over any individual tiles that require some more treatment. For this we recommend taking out your carpet tile, as opposed of performing the clean in place.

  1. How many Heckmondwike carpet tiles do I need?

This is entirely dependant on the space that you have. We recommend accurately measuring the size of your rooms (at least 3 times!) so you know exactly how big the space is. Then you can divide this by the size of one of our Heckmondwike carpet tiles to work out exactly many you need. We recommend ordering a small amount more than you actually need, in case you need to rapidly replace any due to damage.

Be sure to read the measurements carefully on our product pages, so you know exactly how many will fit in your space.

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