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Ardex A45 11kg

£14.81 per m2 (excl. VAT)

Ardex A45 is a repair compound and is one of the sub-floor preparation products.nnnnThis floor screed is a versatile smoothing compound for levelling uneven floors before laying decorative floor coverings.nnnnArdex A45 self levelling screed is suitable for use over most substrates and adhesive residues.


Ardex A45 is a repair compound and is one of the sub-floor preparation products.nnThis floor screed is a versatile smoothing compound for levelling uneven floors before laying decorative floor coverings.nnArdex A45 self levelling screed is suitable for use over most substrates and adhesive residues.nnnARDEX ARDURAPID A45 is a rapid drying and hardening, slump free mortar for internal repairs. The mixed mortar sets after 15 minutes and can be trafficked after just 11/2 hours regardless of thickness at 20°C.nUSE ARDEX ARDURAPID A45 is ideal for:- • Repairing and refacing internal concrete stairtreads and risers, cement and sand screeds, concrete floors. • Filling and patching cracks in walls, ceilings and soffits. • Making good around pipework, door and window frames. • Forming ramps from a feather edge to normal screed thicknesses. • Forming coves. If using ARDEX ARDURAPID A45 as a wearing surface a suitable covering/coating is required.nPREPARATION ARDEX ARDURAPID A45 can be applied to dry or moist screeds providing they are set and hardened and the surface is sound and free of dust, grease, oil and other surface contamination. Worn or trafficked surfaces should be abraded (wire brush, angle grinder etc.) to remove contamination and expose a clean surface to ensure good adhesion. Very dense, smooth impervious surfaces should be primed with ARDEX P82 Primer. Priming is not usually necessary on concrete, cement/sand, brickwork etc., unless the surface is extremely porous. Direct to earth sub-floors must have an effective damp proof membrane, such as ARDEX DPM.nMIXING ARDEX ARDURAPID A45 powder is added to the required amount of clean water in a clean mixing container and mixed thoroughly to obtain a lump free and slump resistant mortar.nThe mix proportions are:- 11kg ARDEX ARDURAPID A45 powder to 21/2 litres of water: i.e. approximately 3 parts powder to 1 part water by volume.nAvoid using too much water. The mixed mortar has a working time of 10 to 15 minutes at 20°C, this time being extended at lower, and reduced at higher temperatures.nFor thicknesses over 5mm, but not exceeding 20mm, the ARDEX ARDURAPID A45 mortar can be bulked out with 1/3 volume of sharp sand (0-5mm grading), or up to an equal volume of 3mm single sized aggregate/ chippings. For localised thicknesses exceeding 20mm, e.g. filling deep holes and cracks, incorporate up to an equal volume of 10mm single sized coarse aggregate in the ARDEX ARDURAPID A45 mortar.nAPPLICATION Repairs Apply the mortar with a trowel to holes, cracks and damaged areas, ensuring that the mortar “wets” the surface by trowelling in firmly, leaving the repair proud. After about 15 minutes trim off excess and finish off with a wet trowel, sponge or sponge float to obtain a smooth surface. As soon as the ARDEX ARDURAPID A45 repair has hardened, the surface of the floor, stairtread etc., can be levelled, if necessary, with the appropriate ARDEX sub-floor compound.nSmoothing and Refacing Apply the mixed mortar with a trowel to the required thickness taking into account the short working time. The material may be finished with a wet trowel after 15 to 20 minutes to provide a finish suitable for direct application of floorcoverings. High aggregate content mixes may require a second application of ‘neat’ ARDEX ARDURAPID A45.nApply at temperatures above 5°C.nCOVERAGE Depending on the flatness of the surface, an 11kg bag will cover approximately 7m2 at 1mm thick (7 litres of mortar).nPACKAGING ARDEX ARDURAPID A45 is packed in paper sacks incorporating a polyethelene liner – net weight 11kg.nSTORAGE AND SHELF LIFE ARDEX ARDURAPID A45 must be stored in unopened packaging, clear of the ground in cool dry conditions and be protected from excessive draught. If stored correctly, as detailed above, the shelf life of this product is 12 months from the date shown on the packaging.nPRECAUTIONS ARDEX ARDURAPID A45 is considered non-hazardous in normal usage. The presence of cement in the product gives an alkaline mortar which may cause some local irritation if prolonged contact with the skin takes place. Care should be taken to avoid inhalation or ingestion of dust and prevent contact with the eyes. nFor further information, consult the relevant health and safety data sheet.nTECHNICAL DATA Bulk density of powder approx. 1.4kg/litre Weight of fresh mortar approx. 1.9kg/litre Initial Set (Vicat) approx. 15 minutes DIN 1164 at 20°C Final Set (Vicat) approx. 60 minutes DIN 1164 at 20°CnCompressive Strength (DIN 1164) After 1 day 17.0 N/mm2 After 3 days 20.0 N/mm2 After 28 days 30.0 N/mm2nTensile Bending Strength (DIN 1164) After 1 day 4.0 N/mm2 After 3 days 4.5 N/mm2 After 28 days 6.5 N/mm2nBall Pressure Hardness (Brinell) After 1 day 55.0 N/mm2 After 3 days 63.0 N/mm2 After 28 days 80.0 N/mm2

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